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NHL Draft Ends - Coming Posts on BWA

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Thanks to everyone who has been reading this blog and following my twitter posts. I set a new single day high on Friday since moving to SB Nation. It really motivates me to know you're eager to read new stuff.

Thanks to the National Hockey League for granting me press access and the opportunity to gather some terrific material I couldn't have gotten any other way.

Thanks to SB Nation for working to make this happen and making our site as user friendly as possible to bloggers. Thanks for the nice business cards, I'm ridiculously excited about them.

Thanks to all the players, GMs, and scouts who answered my questions.

Coming Attractions at BWA.

I have a mound of quotations to publish--and it will probably take a couple of days. I have quotes for about six draft picks. Some of this material has been captured on video by the Thrashers TV crew and appears on their website.

  • I have an exclusive post-draft interview with Don Waddell coming up.
  • I have an exclusive short chat with the winningest NHL coach the legendary Scotty Bowman.
  • I have exclusive comments on Thrashers picks by the independent Red Line Report Scouting Service area scouts and head chief Kyle Woodlief.

The final event was with an interview with Dan Marr-- which Thrashers TV taped. If they post it online I will probably skip typing up a full transcript.

I really worked hard to gather a lot of material of interest to Thrashers fans and over the next week I'll be able to make it available so please check back, I'll announce updates on my Twitter feed to alert readers of new posts.

Right now I need time to work, time to sleep and a really great meal. I have 24 hours to do a little sightseeing in this great city so I posts might be infrequent until Sunday/Monday.

Don't forget that NHL free agency begins in just two days, so I'll have stuff for you to read while you're hitting "reload" waiting for breaking news that the Thrashers have signed a player.