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Morning Update at Day Two 2009 NHL Draft

Very short night. I worked on transcriptions until almost 3 am and I was not even close to being finished. At that point I had to choose between getting it up quickly and being a sleep deprived zombie for Saturday. I choose sleep, so you'll have to be patient, but I have some good stuff that I might not put up until Monday or Tuesday.

As I was walking out of the building last night I'm crossing the street and realized that Thrashers Director of Scouting Dan Marr was right next to me. We were both tired so I just asked him about the lack of phone conversations right before the Thrashers picked Kane. He joked that he turned down the ringer on Don's phone. When I asked thoughts on the Kane pick he simply said "we're ecstatic!"

A few observations about Evander Kane that will not show up in a transcript. He seems like a very composed fellow. He was clearly happy to be picked and seemed very content to be headed to Atlanta. Some of the kids are downright giddy right after they picked. Kane would flash some smiles but he seemed really in control of his emotions.

I got into the elevator at the Hyatt with some members of Kadri family (Toronto's pick). They were very happy to see a local boy picked by the Leafs. The same with Montreal fans after they called out francophone Louis Leblanc. Personally, I feel sorry for those two young guys--today might their happist day of their career because the burden of expectations will be huge. Kadri's family members said that he will now be a celebrity every time he goes out in public in Ontario.

Woke up at headed straight back to Bell Centre. They have some bagels and muffins but no butter (I hate cream cheese). I got through yesterday on mixed nuts and caffine, looks like more of the same. With all the great food in Montreal it is shame I'm basically eating snack machine stuff for two days.