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Red Wings Interested in Colby Armstrong? Don't Do It!!!

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Detroit Free Press writer George James Malik speculates that the Red Wings cannot afford to keep Hossa, Hudler and Samuelsson and that they will try and add some grit on wing. The article contains a long list of potential targets for Detroit and has this little snippet towards the end, "I've heard names like Atlanta's Colby Armstrong mentioned..."

Let me pause right here and say that if the Thrashers trade Colby Armstrong their most effective Even Strength player for a shiny bauble Detroit is offering them I will personally pick up my torch and pitchfork and march on Philips Arena. If the Thrashers deal away Armstrong it means they don't understand winning NHL hockey.

Now, I suspect that this may be a case of envy on Detroit's part rather than a case of Atlanta offering him around. But
there was enough Armstrong chatter around the trade deadline to make me nervous. Don't even think about it!