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Bettman Denies Canadians will Move

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No, I'm not making this up.

Earlier this year Blueland Chronicle had a mockumentary story about the Canadians (yeah, I know there is supposed be an "e" in there, but but you guys leave the "h" out of our name all the time--payback baby!) moving out of Montreal. Apparently Gary Bettman felt it important to shut down that crack reporting by our fellow Atlanta bloggers at his annual State of the NHL news Conference:

Q. What can you tell us about the possibility that the Montreal Canadiens will be sold in the next few weeks?

COMMISSIONER BETTMAN: The word on the street is that there are a number of interested parties. I think in the final analysis, George Gillett has to decide, ultimately how he's going to arrange his affairs. And if, ultimately, he concludes that it's appropriate to sell the club, I know firsthand that there are no shortage of interested substantial bidders who are interested in owning the club.

The club will either continue to be owned by George or will have another owner who will be somebody who will live up to George's standards and ensure that the Canadiens are healthy forever in Montreal. That club isn't going anywhere. The fans in Montreal shouldn't worry about it one bit.