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Coming Attractions: Prospect Update with Dan Marr

This next week I'll publish an interview with Dan Marr where he talks about some of the Thrashers top prospects. Even in the internet age it can be surprisingly hard to stay current on prospects scattered across mutliple leagues in North American and Europe.

Generally speaking it is easier to keep tabs on those prospects playing in Chicago, so I decedied to focus on players below the AHL level. So we discuss Esposito (QMJHL), O'Dell (OHL), Postma (WHL), Kangas (Minnesota), Saponari (Boston U) Albert (Ohio State) Leveille (Michigan State), Lucenius (Finland), Zubarez (Russia).

I met up with Dan Marr in between two games at the U-18 Championships. Before the interview I had written out the Thrashers prospect depth chart and some questions I had about particular players. When I walked up he eyed my list and said something like "how many players are we going to talk about?" We certainly did not discuss every prospect, but he did talk about quite a few and I was pleased by the depth of his comments.

Marr's responses also indicate how a scout looks at prospects. Players at that age are still growing and developing--they are not static. You'll also see him focus on a player's role on his team and the sort of ice time they receive. Another factor for these young men can be confidence. They are not 30 year old grizzled veterans--they have highs and lows which affect their play.

The interview will be split in half, Part 1 will focus on prospects in Canadian junior leagues and will be go up on Tuesday. Part 2 will focus on US college prospects and Europeans and will be posted on Thursday.