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Thrashers Disconnect with Atlanta Flames

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Rawhide has posted Part 1 of an interview with Tim Ecclestone. He lays out the case that the Thrashers have spurned the retired Atlanta Flames who have offered to help promote hockey in this city. This is not the first time I have heard this complained voiced about the Thrashers by former Flames players.

It seems pretty obvious that the Thrashers have zero interest in invoking any memories of the first NHL team to call Atlanta home. In the ten years of Thrashers existence I can't recall a single "old timers" night or any other occasion in which these is so much of a mention of the Flames.

I can understand wanting to put your marketing efforts into promoting the current franchise but the degree to which they ignore the Flames is counter productive. For example, I know of at least four long-time season ticket holders who grew up watching the Flames. These people would be absolutely thrilled if they had a Flames old timers night when the Calgary Flames came into town. For a team that is always looking for marketing angles it seems odd that they have completey tossed this one asid.