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Exclusive Thrashers Interviews Coming

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One benefit of my recent trip to the World Under 18 Championships in Fargo, North Dakota is that I had the opportunity to talk to both the General Manager of the Atlanta Thrashers Don Waddell and also the Director of Amateur Scouting and Player Development Dan Marr.

Both men were gracious with their time and we ended up talking for roughly 15-20 minutes on a wide range of topics. I have finished transcribing the interviews from my audio recorder and I'm going to split both interviews up into two posts each because they are fairly long.

Waddell talked about the up and downs of the last season, the free agency targets, potential trades and the upcoming NHL Draft. In part 2, Don Waddell appears to name the player the Thrashers will draft--I'll let you decide for yourself.

Marr gave some fairly detailed comments on eight of the Thrashers top prospects. I'm a very stats oriented guy, so it was useful for me to hear how a scout sees player development trends. Marr is careful when handing out compliments to young players but you clearly hear that he is rather excited about the potential of some of Atlanta's prospects.

Here is the schedule for these interview posts. Waddell's will appear this week starting tomorrow and Marr's interview will be posted the following week.

Apr 29th Waddell Part 1 2008-09 Season Retrospective
May 1st Waddell Part 2 Free Agency and the Draft
May 5th Marr Part 1 Junior Prospects Season Review
May 7th Marr Part 2 College and European Prospects Season Review