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Tobias Enstrom Suffers Facial Injury at World Championships

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For two years the diminuative Tobias Enstrom has eluded injury while going up against some real giants in the NHL. So I was pretty surprised that he was hurt playing against Latvia at the World Championships in Switzerland.

Karsums nailed him from behind and right into the corner boards and he flops onto the ice with blood spurting from his nose and what appears to be a concussion (disclaimer: I'm not a doctor). Here's the YouTube, it is not pretty.

A Finnish fan on the official boards says he has 10 [now they're saying just 1] broken facial bones. I'm holding out hope that it isn't quite that bad. The team hasn't issued a press release to my knowledge.

If you haven't watched Colby Armstrong interview Toby Enstrom on the Thrashers TV you should.

UPDATE: Chris Vivlamore at says Enstrom should be heading home to Sweden soon and they expect him to be 100% by training camp this fall.