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The National Anthem: Make Some Noise?

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One of the side stories of the Boston-Montreal playoff series is that loutish fans in Montreal are booing the United States national anthem. Perhaps even more surprising is that some people are defending this behavior. There is really no excuse for this, you stand up and be dignified for a few minutes while the anthems are done and then scream for your team to beat the brains out of the opposition.

On a related note I will offer this observation. When I was up in Minnesota attending the Wild game I was shocked to find that a majority of the Wild fans actually sang along out loud while the anthem was played. In Atlanta I'd say only about 25% of fans do this.

Now Minnesota is famous for sending big time liberals (some might dare call them socialists) to the US Senate like Hubert H Humphrey, Walter Mondale and Paul Wellstone. Georgia on the other hand, has mostly sent conseratives to Washington. Where are all those red-blooded patriotic Americans in Philips Arena when the anthem is played? I'm certainly am not hearing from them. So here is my challenge: next season get loud BEFORE the puck is dropped and do you best to hit the "rockets red glare" notes, lest we be outdone by those reseved Minnesotans.

I decide.