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Should Kulda Be Called Up?

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Ben Wright reports that the Thrashers Arturs Kulda and other prospecs are unlikely to be called up even though the Thrashers have three call ups available. The Wolves are now 5 points out the playoffs with just a handful of games remaing. They are rather unlikely to qualify for the post-season.

So here is the question, what is in the best interests of the Atlanta Thrashers? What would best accelerate the development of their NHL prospects?

For my money, I think Arturs Kulda would be better off dressing for the remaining games. I think Kulda would benefit from seeing the speed, intensity and competitiveness that the NHL level requires.

Which is better for Kulda--defending Alexandre Giroux in the AHL--or defending against Alexander Ovechkin in the NHL? I think the latter is a better option. Getting a taste of the big leagues might encourage Kulda to redouble his off-season preparation for next fall's NHL training camp.

I think it's nice that the Thrashers are helping the Wolves by keeping their best prospects down on the farm--but how often has Chicago bent over backwards to dress our prospects when they had healthy AHL veterans? The answer is very rarely.

The Wolves have always done whatever helps the Wolves first and foremost (which is their prerogative). The Thrashers should do what benefits the Thrashers--and that means calling up Kulda. Keeping him in Chicago is letting the tail wag the dog in my opinion.