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Gwinnett Braves Open Season in New Ballpark

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Thanks to a friend who offered me a ticket to the sold out season open for the G-Braves I was able to attend their first ever game in Gwinnett. The facility was nice but getting parked took forever and we missed the 1st half inning. They had lots of gear for sale, but I was very disappointed they didn't have any t-shirts that read "It's a G thing" for sale.

The view from the concourse behind home plate.


Rough night for the scoreboard operator who was usually one batter behind.


Gbravepics_016_medium The crucial at bat in the game results in a grand slam for the Tides to break a 3-3 tie.

Gbravepics_023_medium A view of the upper luxury boxes and the sweet field level seating for season ticket holder.

Gbravepics_028_medium Very nice park with good sight lines. If you sit in the Outfield grass be prepared to stare into the setting sun.