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Day Five: Canada VS Czech Republic

This will be my first chance to see many of the Canadian players in action. The majority of the team will be drafted this summer in Montreal and about one third will not be eligible until the 2010 draft.

I'll post my impressions of players and any memorable plays as the game develops.

Midway through the first periods and no goals so far. Canada has taken three penalties so far handing Czechs some PP chances. Czechs have worked hard to screen the Canadian goalie but so far have not beaten him with any shots.

Canada had two quality scoring chances so far. Clifford passed to Eakin on a 2>1 but missed. Landon Ferraro made a diving shot attempt that just missed the outside post.

Connolly with a pass to Elliott on a 3>2 for a chance. Czechs answer with a bid low around the net but Canada collapse back four skaters to protect around the net.

1-0 Czech Republic. Honejsek with a burst in along the right face off dot and cut into the crease and scored on an angle with good speed. The defensemen didn't read it very well and Canada's goalie might want to have that one back.

I have to say that this game is much slower and much less intense than the Finland-USA contest. Canada looks like they thought this one would be easy. I'm really surprised at how slow they look as a team.

Canada gets a PP as Jerabek gets a 2 and a 10.

End of 1-0 Chechs, shots are 11-10 Canada.

Czechs are facing relegation and are clearly motivated, will Canada show us something invthe 2nd?

2nd period. Team Canada has really degenerated into individualist play. They keep trying to bull doze their way to the net but the Czech D is standing them and forcing them to turnover the puck.

Czech score again, hard slapper from the top of the circle, 2-0 now.

It is a festival of bad passes for team Canada: soft passes, inaccurate passes, poorly received passes. If they were to play like this against Sweden on Tuesday they will be get smoked 10-1.

3-0 Czech over Canada. Czech player Roman Horek slips in behind the two Canadian and has a clean break away, fakes and then throws a back hander under the pads.

End of 2nd, Czech 3-0, shots 24-18

At the start of the 3rd Canada was handed a 5>3 PP but couldn't score, but as soon as the PP ended they reeled off two quick goals to make this a close game.

Then they got the equalizer off a Gudbrandsson slapshot that might have deflected off a skater in front of the net.

Czechs are killing yet another penalty and are starting to look a bit tired. Can they hang on?

Huge save by Czech net minder off a point blank rebound chance, many Canadian fans in the building lept to their feet thinking it was the go ahead goal in the contest.

Headed to OT, The Czechs need a win to avoid the relegation game.

Canada wins in OT. 2>1 and the Czech goalie stopped the first shot, the 2nd shot and the Connolly puts home the third shot. Very tough break for the Czech goalie who received no help in that situation.