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Playoffs Have Begun for NHL Bubble Teams

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On of my favorite sits is Clubs Sports NHL Playoff Odds. Of course, the Thrashers are not one of those teams, but I can only hope we're fighting for a spot one year from today.

Let's look at the mega-important matchups of this week.

Tonight the Oilers and Ducks faceoff in a virtual elimination game. Edmonton is already unlikely to qualify for the post-season but a win tonight by Anaheim puts their odds at 63% and a loss drops them down to 36% chance of qualifying. Huge game!

Another bit Central Division contests sees the Blue Jackets taking on Predators. Columbus is likley to make the playoffs win or lose tonight (I can't believe I just typed that) but for the Predators a win is crucial. Win and their odds are 80% lose and their odds fall to a coin flip 49%.

Out East, divisional rival Florida is on the hot seat, but they are taking on a faltering Ottawa team. A loss to Ottawa pretty much ends their season (21%) but a win gives them a coin flip (48%) odds of the selling playoff tickets.

On Wednesday the Blues and Ducks face off in another pressure packed tilt. A win by the Blues puts them at 75% likelihood of getting into the post-season party and a loss drops them to just 45%. The Ducks will be playing in their 2nd of back-to-back games must-win games.

If you have CenterIce at your home there is some big time hockey being played this week outside of Atlanta. Enjoy!