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Thrashers Look Like A Totally Different Team

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For those of you who have been sitting on your wallets waiting for a NHL worthy of your hard earned dollar, well time to spend some money and see one of the last three home games. This is an exciting and entertaining hockey club--and a winning hockey club for the last two months.

Intellectually, I'd rather see the Thrashers end up with one of the top two picks at the NHL draft and losing makes that more likely--but I have to say all this winning is making my head head spin. It doesn't matter if the Thrashers fall behind or get a lead--they simply play hard and do what it takes to give themselves a shot at earning 2 points.

It is true that they have gotten some lucky bounces here and there and you can't count on being lucky all the time. But they're also just playing better hockey. The last two home games they actually piled up a big shot advantage early on. Against the Rangers they were up 20-12 at one point and in the Ottawa victory they had a big 10+ shot lead in the 2nd period. That's a sign of territorial domination.

I have to say that I'm very happy for Coach Anderson. He was not my first choice to be head coach (full disclosure: I liked Florida's Peter Deboer and the Sharks Todd McLelland more), but when I had a chance to hear him speak at training camp I came away very impressed. He seemed like a guy who could motivate people to run through walls.

But early on the results were simply not there. The losses piled up early on and the team was out of the playoff hunt before Christmas. When you hear coaches talk they always say that the losses hurt more as coach then when you're a player. I'm sure Anderson had some sleepless nights back in November and December trying to figure out how to get his guys going.