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Could Montreal relocate to Kansas City?

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The boys over at Blueland Chronicle have some cutting edge rumors that yet another struggling Canadian franchise may throw itself on a rich American market to survive in these tough economic times.

After a strong couple of decades in Montreal, the Canadian franchise has fallen on hard times winning just three second round playoff games since their last Cup. To that troubling trend you can add an owner who appears to have leveraged himself to his eyeballs and beyond. Then throw in corporate tax burden that would make Karl Marx blush and lack of big corporate subsidies north of the border--all in all it is a recipe for failure in Montreal!

Given the confluence of tough financial times and a falling Loonie, surely it is just a matter of time until the Canadians are moved to Kansas City and re-named "Le Jayhawks." If NHL hockey can't survive in Montreal Gary Bettman shouldn't prop them up anymore with currency equalization payments and the like. Clearly the failure of the Jets and Nordiques have "proven" that hockey in Canada can't survive without rich American companies buying up expensive luxury boxes.

I'm sure the eminent Atlanta digital journalists over at Blueland Chronicle have reliable sources that are as credible as the "anonymous" people who regularly speculate in the Canadian media about the imminent demise of the Predators, Coyotes and Panthers.

The future of the Canadians playoff hopes and their very future in Montreal could hang in the balance as they take on the Thrashers!!! Will Montreal announcers learn to say "Thrashers with the first "r" included??? Tune in tonight to catch what COULD BE the last ever Atlanta trip to Montreal!!