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Trade Speculation: Battle for Havelid

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USA Today reporter Kevin Allen has Don Waddell on his speed dial so I put a lot of stock in his comments that Lehtonen is not being shopped right now:

Despite rumors to the contrary, the Atlanta Thrashers are not going to make a deadline day trade for either Kari Lehtonen or Ondrej Pavelec. General manager Don Waddell has already begun talking with Lehtonen’s agent, Larry Kelly, about a new contract.

Former Thrasher beat writer (and present Sporting News NHL writer) Craig Custance points to Detroit as a likely destination for the Atlanta's Nic Havelid in his blog. Havelid is not a big name around the NHL but good teams are aware of what he brings to the table.

But there's competition for Havelid. San Jose, Philadelphia and New Jersey are all interested in trading for him, which is a good thing for the Thrashers.

Just three shopping days remaining for NHL GMs!