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Thrashers End Losing Streak with Win Over Rangers

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The Thrashers started off January looking like a half way respectable team. The were generally doing better at in the shots on goal battle and they were competitive many nights.

Then the All Star Break came and went but the Thrashers appeared to still be on a mental vacation. While losing to the Stars, Islanders and Hurricanes they looked disinterested. Only a wild third period rally against the Islanders provided much hope for fans.

In that period of time goalie Kari Lehtonen played well but faced a barrage of shots. On Tuesday night the Thrashers competed much better and kept the number and quality of shots allowed to a manageable level and Lehtonen nearly pitched a shut out allowing a goal only in the final minute of play.

Will we see more of this effort level in the remaining two months? Honesly the Thrashers have been out of the playoff race since Thanksgiving (USA) holiday. The only thing they have to play for is professional pride and jobs for next year.