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Thrashers Roller Coaster 2009 on Upswing Again

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It is 1:45 in the morning...and do you know where your Thrashers are? They're in LA whooping it up after an insane pair of back-to-back wins over Anaheim and Los Angeles!

If you didn't watch this one, I hoped you taped it on your DVR/Tivo because it was perhaps the most dramatic game in a fairly dismal year. Against the Kings they scored early and often until fatigue kicked in the third as they looked dead tired as the Kings rallied to tie it and earn a point. There were so many highlights I'll just run through the things that stood out in my mind.

Colin Stuart managed yet another SH goal (all of three of his NHL goals this season are shorties!) off a great PK pressure by Reasoner and Enstrom.

Kovalchuk continued his torrid streak with a pair of laser goals. Bryan Little got the party started early with another roof shot on a nice pass from Kovalchuk. Slava Kozlov was just sick again in OT where he appears to score at will.

Hedberg made some big saves, then let in a softie. But he recovered. In the SO he was embarrassed by the first shooter and then stoned the next three two earn the win. Erik Christensen who has pretty much had a lost season, got a small measure of redemption by scoring the SO winner.

Rookie Bogosian--playing without his partner Mathieu Schneider after the trade today had three assists and was +2 on the night.

The guys looked totally gassed at the end of this one and get a well deserved day off before traveling to the desert to play Phoenix. I'm not sure what is up with this Thrashers team but after looking flatter than a pancake in the three games right after the All-Star Game, the work effort has been excellent and they are out shooting and out chancing the opposition most nights. I hate to get too excited, but it sure would be nice to see this team play well the rest of the way and have something to build on going into next year.