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Some Good Thrasher Reads

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In the last couple of days there have been a couple of Thrashers related items you might want to check out.

Craig Custance our former AJC beat writer has a blog post on potential deadline trades that is informative. I'm glad to hear that the Thrashers recognize the value that Colby Armstrong brings to the team.

Over at Hockey's Future, Matt Eichenblatt has his first prospect article since taking over for Holly Gunning. He runs down the Thrashers collegiate guys. Two CCHA draft picks John Albert and Zach Redmond are having impressive seasons. Both of them made a positive impression on me at Prospect Camp this summer. In case you missed it, Holly interviewed John Albert back in November.

Over at ESPN Scott Burnside manages to write an entire column without calling for the contraction of any southern teams. In fact, he finds out that Matheiu Schneider sounds like he has found some measure of happiness in working with Zach Bogosian this year.

Also over at the AJC, Rawhide has been doing some hard work putting together historical number on the Thrashers defense and winning percentage. As you might imagine, it is not something you want to read while trying to eat.