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Thrashers Remind Us What Fun Hockey Looks Like

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I have a confession to make. In late November and early December I became so depressed about the Thrashers players, management and ownership that it crossed my mind to just give up, turn my back on the team and quit blogging about them.

Then in early January the effort level rebounded and they managed a little three game win streak. But the bottom fall out again after the All-Star Break. Again, I was incredibly bored watching yet another string of listless Thrasher games. I asked myself why I was wasting my time on this team and this organization.

Then we get three gems in a row. The Phillly game on Sunday was fun and entertaining. The Tampa game on Tuesday was another gutty effort. The Blackhawks home game had me on the edge of my seat many times.

I'm sitting there at Philips on Wednesday absolutely enjoying every minute of the game. Great saves, good chances, pressure on the puck, a couple of hits. I was like a man with amnesia who suddenly remembers his name. "OH YEAH, THIS IS WHY I USED TO LOVE NHL HOCKEY!" I had nearly forgotten what a pulse pounding 60 minutes contest felt like.

Did the Thrashers go 3-0 in this stretch? No. They only won one game out of those three. But I don't watch NHL hockey expecting to see a victory each time out--I just want to see my team play hard and have a shot at winning each game--and that's exactly what they gave me the last three contests.

Can they sustain this on the big Western road trip? History says no. They usually fall flat on their faces playing the faster and better Western Conference. Over the years I watched some absolutely brutal games played on the Left Coast.

In addition, nearly every Western team is fighting hard for playoff points, while our guys have little to play for besides professional pride and some of them are fighting for NHL jobs next year.

I'm probably an idiot for getting overly excited over this little three game stretch--but I honestly enjoyed it. if any of the Thrashers read this blog--I appreciate the hard work and 60 minute effort, even if you did not win all three games. Please keep it up. I'll be watching.