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First Class Organizations

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The other day I was watching my Center Ice and the broadcasters for the Red Wings were showing off the their 2008 Stanley Cup rings that the Illitch family had given them. Including broadcasters is a very nice touch.

Then today the story came out that the Wings organization went above and beyond their current players and staff. They tracked down every living Red Wing who was still alive and had won a Stanley Cup back in the 1930s or 1950s. They sent each player a Stanley Cup Championship ring. Why? Because players were not given rings back in the old days. Click here to read about Marcel Provnost's excitement about receiving his ring.

What if anything does this have to do with the Thrashers? Well there is another organization that went above and beyond the call of duty in awarding rings, the Thrashers AHL affiliate: The Chicago Wolves. After the Wolves won their AHL Championship they thoughtfully included the Thrashers scouts who had drafted a portion of the Cup winning roster. A classy gesture on the part of the Wolves.

The Wolves receive a fair amount of bashing from Thrashers fans. Some of the good things they do go unreported, so I thought it worth mentioning.