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Thrashers Show Signs of Life Against Flyers

Sunday's match up against the Philadelphia Flyers had all th emaking of a potential blow out loss for the home team. Atlanta had played had come out listless and flat the previous few games. The Flyers have beaten the Thrashers for a couple of years in a row. Atlanta had nothing to play for in the standings while the Flyers did.

Instead the Thrashers showed up and skated hard the entire game. They out chanced and out shot the Flyers throughout the contest. They had extended stretches where they hemmed the puck into the zone and were able to cycle the puck down low.

Two third period goals set up an exciting conclusion as the Thrashers pressured the Fleyrs until the very last only to loose 3-2.

Now was this a case of the Flyers underestimating Atlanta and not putting forth a good effort on their side of the ice? Or was this an example of how Atlanta can play when all 18 skaters come ready for action?

Will we see this sort of effort level against Tampa? The Lightning are basically without much NHL experience in net. Kolzig had surgery and Mike Smith is out indefinitely with a concussion. That leaves Karri Ramo as their top goalie in Tampa Bay. He has only played in 10 NHL games. Fire away gentlemen!