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Thrashers Take on Lowly Leafs

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We're rather busy at the home offices this week. Thrashers-Leafs kicks off very soon, but we couldn't resist the urge to insert the "lowly" into the thread title after years of digs from North of the Border. The shoe is on the other foot today.

X Marks the Spot

Tonight Garnet Exelby plays against the team that drafted. I've written plenty on XLB's deficiencies, so let me say something positive. He's one guy who always gave it his all and was good teammate and excellent with fans in Atlanta. If character alone won hockey games, Exelby might be an All-Star.

Antropov and Kubina Return

The other story line is Nik Antropov going up against the club that drafted and developed him into a NHL player. Kubina and Antropov have been a perfect fit in Atlanta (I'll post about that later this week). They have supplied precisely what the Thrashers have lacked--size and ability to control the puck in key moments.

Road Warriors

The Thrashers have lost just 2 times in regulation on the road. Astonishing. Can they keep it up?

Leaf Nation

If you want to look in on the enemy go here. The Leafs fans make so many comments they sometimes often have separate posts for each period of a game.