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Holiday Special: The Top Secret Thrashers Christmas List.

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In a massive coup for our writing team, our BWA spies have secured a copy of a very important document – Santa's Christmas list for our very own Atlanta Thrashers. At the risk of ruining the holidays for these players, we present it here for you in it's entirety.


Rick Dudley - 4,524 travel mugs. He's pretty hard on them.


Don Waddell - A mind-control device programmed to operate only on Jay Grossman.


John Anderson - 40 minutes of effort to match the 20 minutes he already has.


The Atlanta Sprit Group - Hawks at 12-5. Thrashers at 14-7-3. Miley Cyrus just played at Philips. What else could they possibly want?!?



Rich Peverley – A permanent ban on any questions including the phrases "Ex-ECHLer" and "waiver-wire". Oh, and will somebody pay this guy some attention, please?


Ilya Kovalchuk – Ten years, one hundred million dollars in Atlanta. And a Kindle. I bet he doesn't have one of those yet.

Maxim Afinogenov - At least three more years in Thrasher blue next to Ilya Kovalchuk.

Nik Antropov - A goal. For the love of all that is good and true, a freakin goal.


Toby Enstrom - A noble steed to match his flowing mane.


Evander Kane - About 35 more pounds of muscle.


Slava Kozlov – A nice crocheted sweater that says "NOT VIKTOR."


Zach Bogosian - Call of Duty strategy guide (Bryan wins too much) and some sweet rims for his ride.


Pavel Kubina - Hey, he's not a Maple Leaf anymore; what else does he want?


Todd WhiteQuicken 2010/TurboTax 2010 value bundle. And some sedatives. Can't have him getting too wild.



Bryan LittleCall of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and some new Xbox controllers (Zach keeps breaking them).


Marty Reasoner – Custom "The PARTY is HERE!" t-shirt and matching trucker cap.


Colby Armstrong - A nap.


Kari Lehtonen - One of those back massage thingys they have at Bed Bath & Beyond.


Ron Hainsey - Product. Lots and lots of hair product.


Chris Thorburn - Some recognition for the tireless charity work this guy does. (srsly)


Anssi Salmela - The removal of the sign above his locker that says "The Guy We Got For Nic Havelid."


Christoph Schubert - Schnitzel and The Best of Mike Meyers on SNL. I guess he's likes the "Sprockets" sketches.





Eric Boulton - PunchOut for Nintendo Wii, and a nice display case for Riley Cote's dignity.


Mark Popovic – Something to get the smell of borscht out of his gameday suit.


Johan Hedberg – Bah, he'll be happy with any kind of Spongebob something-or-other.


Ondrej Pavelec - A helmet that stays on.


Jim Slater - His recycling merit badge (finally).