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Up, Down, and Sideways: Thrashers Players Trends

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It's time for another edition of Up, Down, and Sideways, a look at Thrashers players trends over the past 5 (or so) games. In this case, the Thrashers went 2-3 and were outscored 16 to 11. Feel free to chime in with your own list in the comments. Without further ado...

Up_medium Colby Armstrong: Army's a slow-starter, but his game has improved tremendously over this most recent span. Army was a +1 over the past 5 and has goals in 3 straight games. The spurt has put Colby 6th on the team in goals and 7th in plus-minus. Another area where Colby is doing well: Corsi (a sort of plus-minus for shots). Army is 3rd on the team for that stat, behind just Boris Valabik and Rich Peverley.


Sideways_medium Nik Antropov: We knew the goals would have to come eventually, and with a goal each in the last two, Nik has started to work his way up the ranks. His 4 goals on the season are good for 8th on the Thrashers. The problem? After starting the season as a plus-minus leader, Nik went -4 over the past 5 (and -5 over the past 4...) After a 12-game streak going plus or even, Nik is a minus in 4 of 6.


Down_medium Ondrej Pavelec: Ondrej had two starts over the past five, both losses. He let up 5 goals on 22 shots against the Leafs and was pulled after 2 periods. The Canucks got 4 past him on 38 shots. Those stats give him a combined 5.75 GAA and 0.850 save percentage. Ouch. Admittedly, Ondrej made some great saves and was left out to dry, but his stats are down down down...