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Thrashers Beat The Streak, Down Flyers 1-0

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One day, I'll learn to stop making predictions. My call of a 5-3 Thrashers win could not have been more off--but at least give me this--would you have guessed a 1-0 Thrashers win?

That's right, never in a million years.

Hit the jump for some quick hit thoughts.


- Concerning Colby Armstrong's hit on Philly's own Chosen One, James van Riemsdyk: Colby did what he did and got what he deserved. JVR also learned a very valuable lesson: if you want to play stickey-poke before the face off with someone who has been known to hit very hard, keep your head up afterwards, ya dig? He's young, he'll learn.

- Rich Peverley has 5 game-winning goals. I bet you didn't think $475K could get you five NHL wins, did you?

(No, this particular meme will not be going away anytime soon. Live with it.)

- Eric Boulton & Riley Cote fought. Rather, Riley Cote hung on while Eric Boulton beat him about the head. No surprises.

- If you run in to Pavel Kubina out and about somewhere, make sure he never has to pay for his own drinks again. He's been the top-pairing defenseman the Thrashers have been looking for since... 2000, maybe?  Zach Bogosian and Toby Enstrom can take care of the offense, I'm more than pleased with Kubina stationed beside our net.

- Johan Hedberg looked every bit the confident veteran leader in net as he earned his first shutout of the year. The Thrashers have a young stud netminder who is improving with every game, and a rock-solid "backup" (as Moose is playing like a backup in name only) to help said young stud along. Is anyone else thinking this is how it should've been in goal for Atlanta? Only, you know, three or four years ago?

- Is this a bigger win than last night's comeback against the Hurricanes? Absolutely. Last night proved that the team is capable of stealing control of a game not going their way. Tonight proved that they're capable of controling a game from start to finish. The Flyers played hard, the officiating was as clean as it gets; the Thrashers just played better. Let that sink in.

Tell me what I missed in the comments.