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SLAVA SCORES!!! Thrashers Knock Off Edmonton 3-2

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Just some quick hit thoughts after this afternoons' game:

- A perfect 5 for five on the penalty kill jumps the Thrashers to fifth in the NHL (from eigth) with an 84.5% sucess rate. Truly amazing for a team that finished 29th last year with 76%. Sound fundamentals make all the difference.


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- Now why exactly the Thrashers had five minors is another subject entirely. I'm gonna go on record as saying the officiating was uneven, at best. We're trying to keep it on the classy tip here at BWA. I'm not taking anything away from the fact that the Thrashers weren't at their sharpest (i.e. Dustin Penner's second period goal),

- Johan Hedberg logged another solid 60 minutes in net, turning away 34 of 36 shots. I had a Swedish Fish Italian ice to celebrate. Johan Hedberg is NOT a fan of the trapezoid. Write this down. The 70/30 split with the Ondrej Pavelec/Hedberg tandem seems to be working very well. Ondrej doesn't feel the entire burden of being a number one, while Moose gets enough time to stay sharp.

- Slava "Not Viktor" Kozlov scored, and you can see it here:

Very pretty.

- Maxim Afinogenov also scored a very pretty goal. Now, where do I remember reading some far-sighted hockey blogger mentioning a possible career revival for Max in Atlanta?

Bah, I don't know. It's not important...


- Last thing for tonight:

HC Johnny Anderson is growin a Fu.

Yes, I too was disbelieving at first, but I have found visual confirmation.

Let’s go to the telestrator:


This is a screen grab from John Anderson post-game presser this afternoon. The outline of a classic Fu Manchu mustache can clearly be seen around the upper lip and side-of-mouth areas, like so:


Once this Fu Manchu is complete, his power shall be unstoppable.


Or it's just a goatee, and we're all doomed.