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Thrashers Hot Start: Fun With Numbers

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The Atlanta Thrashers are 2-0 and on pace to finish 82-0....which of course, will not happen. Still, there are some awesome numbers that came as a result from a 2-0 start, so let's pause to enjoy them.

Atlanta has scored in all six periods they have played, and are on pace for an insane 400 team goals which would put them in the company with the 1980s Oilers teams--I suspect the team may cool off at some point :)

Team Offense

  • Tied for 1st in the NHL with LA Kings

Team Defense

  • Tied for 6th in the NHL with the Rangers

Team Save Percentage

  • 4th place in the NHL.

Shot Differential

  • 28th place in the NHL

Power Play Percentage: 40%

  • 4th in the NHL

Penalty Kill Percentage: 83%

  • Tied for 7th with Ottawa

Rookie Scoring Race

  • Evander Kane tied for 5th place