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Chicago Wolves Roster Now has 12 Defensemen

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Jordan LaVallee was moved to Columbus' system today. He was a RFA this summer and according to Wolves fans, he was very unhappy with the Thrashers. He waited to the last possible moment to re-sign. Reading between the lines, I'm guessing that he asked for a trade and the Thrashers granted him his wish.

The Wolves add defensemen Tim Filangieri from Syracuse. This might be the "future considerations" of the LaVallee trade. Yet another D on the AHL roster. Then Chris Chelios signs with the Wolves which only further jam packs the blue line.

Having organization depth is a wise strategy, however if that depth impinges on the development of young players who have a realistic shot of becoming NHL regulars, then that hurts the organization. If Paul Postma and Arturs Kulda don't receive decent AHL minutes--that is a bad outcome. I never understood why Scott Lehman was re-signed this summer. Adding Steve McCarthy at least was a depth move.

Here are the D on the Wolves roster--that's enough D for 2 AHL clubs:

  • Chris Chelios
  • Steve McCarthy
  • Nathan Oystrick
  • Arturs Kulda
  • Grant Lewis
  • Jamie Hunt
  • Mike Vernance
  • Paul Postma
  • Scott Lehman
  • Brian Sipotz
  • Brendan Buckley
  • Tim Filangieri