The Fins are coming!

Hi Bird Watchers,

As you no doubt know, the San Jose Sharks will be visiting the Philips Arena this Saturday to play the Atlanta Thrashers. Hitchhiking with the team, however, will be Lurker Shark, David Valentine, Southern Belle, and yours truly, Conico (aka Mr. K.), from Fear the Fin, SBN's San Jose Sharks blog. David and Belle are coming from South Carolina, while Lurker and I are flying out directly from the Bay Area.

We're not expecting a welcome mat or a red carpet (we'll settle for beer poured on our heads), but we wanted to let you know that we're coming your way, and if you have any advice (aka "local know-how"), we'd be in your debt. Places to eat? Things to look for at the arena? On the ice? In Downtown Atlanta?

If / when you come out our way we'd be happy to return the favor. Cheers!

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