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Improved Thrashers Depth Evident in AHL and ECHL Rosters

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A look at the Chicago Wolves roster shows a jam packed lineup of Atlanta prospects.

Take a look at this list of 10 defensemen on the AHL roster:

  • Postma
  • Buckley
  • Sipotz
  • Lehman
  • Vernace
  • Oystrick
  • Hunt
  • Lewis
  • Kulda
  • McCarthy

That includes two guys who have played an entire season in the NHL (Oystrick and McCarthy). I remain concerned about the possibility of McCarthy eating up ice time that should go to Postma. Perhaps a minor league trade is in order to clear out some non-prospects (cough Scott Lehman cough).



At forward the Wolves have a lot of choices as well. Here is a hypothetical lineup (entirely my own opinion here):
  1. Brett Sterling-Jason Krog-Anthony Stewart Tim Stapleton
  2. Andrew Kozek-Angelo Esposito-Spencer Machacek
  3. Jordan Lavallee-Riley Holzapfel-Tim Stapleton  Anthony Stewart
  4. Joey Crabb-Kevin Doell-Matt Anderson

Bench Rylan Kaip, Michael Forney, Johnny Pohl, Matt Siddall

Reading between the lines, it sure looks there could be some roster trickle down to the Gladiators this season. The Gladiators roster page has not been updated yet, but Chad Denny and Drew Paris appear to have been sent down already.