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Thrashers/Montreal Today

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I have to say I feel more excitment about this Thrashers game than I have in a long time. The team has put together a string of competitive efforts in January and this is a big measuring stick game in my view. Can they keep hang with Montreal?

The Canadians have a strong roster and were my pre-season pick to represent the Eastern Conference in the SC Finals. They hit a rough patch recently, but in my view they still have the deepest roster of any East team and they have the prospects to make a trade at the deadline to add players. They have the pressure of the 100th anniversary season and the letdown of getting scooped by Pittsburgh in the Hossa deal last year to drive them on.

In other news, recent acquisition Rich Peverley has been nothing short of sensational so far. He was named one of the three stars of the week by the NHL. He's another reason to tune in and watch this team tonight. Is this a flash in the pan or can he keep up the majic with Kovalchuk and Armstrong? The Thrashers will be a MUCH more interesting club to watch the rest of the way if they could get the Kovalchuk line fired up to go with the steady Little-White-Kozlov combo.