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Thrashers Avoiding Injuries Again

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James Mirtle has an updated list of which teams have lost the most man-games to injury so far this season (click here). 

I posted about this before, but the 2007-08 Thrashers finished 28th overall. That 28th finish hides the fact that the team was lucky in both the shoot-out (which is largely random) and lucky at avoiding injuries (here is Mirtle's list for 07-08). Once you realize that the team was "lucky" and still finished 28th overall it begins to dawn on you just how bad that club was.

So how about the Thrashers this year? They have not be as fortunate in terms of racking up lots of bonus Shoot-out points this year, but they are healthier than average for a second season in a row. Mirtle's man games lost put them at 24th out of 30 teams (or conversely the Thrashers are the 7th healthiest team)

The Thrashers biggest injuries so far this year have been Lehtonen (who took his annual month or two off mid-season) and Bogosian (who has played very well). Top offensive players such as Kovalchuk, Little, Kozlov and Hainsey have missed precious few games this year.