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Thrashers Future Part 1: WJC Starts Today!

The Thrashers have a home game today, but realistically the outcome of that match is fairly immaterial because they have dug themselves such an enormous hole that the playoffs are now out of reach unless they reel off a 7 game winning steak...I'm not holding by breath for that to happen.

Perhaps the most important Thrashers related event taking place is up in Ottawa where the IIHF World Under 20 Championship (more commonly referred to as the "World Juniors" or "WJC") begins. All the US and Canada games will be broadcast on the NHL Network. .

Both Canada and USA have some elite prospects who will go very high in the 2009 NHL Draft this summer. The majority of Team Canada has already been drafted already, but they do feature Tavares who is in the running to be picked #1 or #2 overall this summer. Your Thrashers look to be in the running for the lottery that will determine who receives one of the top three picks.

Unfortunately US and Canada are in the same pool for round robin play which means we will not get to see Team Sweden or Team Russia until the playoff round (assuming they qualify). The other big name for the 2009 NHL Draft is Victor Hedman who plays for Team Sweden. Sweden is reputed to have a bumper crop of young talent this draft year so I'm expecting them to make the playoff round and face off against either the US or Canada which will put them on the NHL Network.

If you're watching feel free to post your impressions in the comments section. Sadly I'm traveling to a dark region of the USA where my relatives don't receive the NHL Network. I'm recording all the games and will catch up in a couple of days.