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Rangers Game

A very entertaining game even if the OT result was not what I had hoped for. The team played a terrific looking 1st period. Darren Eliot was praising them big time on the TV broadcast and I concur. Eliot mentioned the strong puck support and more defensive posture. The thing I noticed is just how fluid the team looked out there on the ice. Unfortunately, they seemed to fall back into some bad habits later in the game, but if what we saw in that 1st period is the future style of the Alanta Thrashers I endorse it.

Corsi Boxscore (net shots fired, a minus 7 means the Rangers fired 7 more shots than the Thrashers did while that player was on the ice at Even Strength)

-7 Hedberg
"It was the best of times it was the worst of times" He made a couple of highway robbery saves and then badly mishandled the puck on 2 of the 3 goals. How do you score that kind of game?

-3 Kovalchuk
-3 Reasoner
+3 Thorburn
We had the angry passionate Ilya last night and he had a pretty good game despite getting owned by Gomez in the fight. This line seems to be some developing some chemistry. Reasoner and Thorburn are able to work the puck in the corner and that gets Kovalchuk a bit more space at times. The problem though is that neither Reasoner nor Thorburn have great hands and Reasoner missed on a pretty good looking chance last night.

Kovalchuk had a costly mistake on the SH goal. He skated backwards and had body position on Callahan but then let Callahan go right around him just in time to have it bounce of the Ranger player's body and into the net for a goal. You can't give up body position that easily.

0 Little
+4 White
+1 Kozlov
The usual good stick, good stake. No goals tonight but some pressure.

-3 Armstrong
-2 Williams
-5 Perrin
This line was not good. Perrin was knocked off the puck multiple times. When you're that small sometimes you need to dump the puck deeper before you are hit so your team doesn't lose control of the situation. On TV Darren Eliot highlighted Williams lackadasical defensive zone coverage that led to a great scoring chance for New York.

-8 Crabb
-2 Slater
-4 Boulton
The Thrashers were badly outshot when Crabb was on the ice, but he scored and had a couple of nice dishes. To be honest, I'm surprised to see his Corsi Number is that ugly because he seemed to be doing good things out on the ice.

-6 Enstrom
-11 Havelid
Entrom made a bad decision at the offensive blueline that led to a 2>1 break for the Rangers (Hedberg) bailed them out. Havelid's -11 is another data point that suggests he might not be able to handle top pairing duties anymore.

+2 Exelby
+3 Hainsey
Only plus pairing in the game. Exelby made a smart clear after Hedberg was down and out after making the initial save.

-2 Oystrick
-2 Valabik
Oystrick was involved in the scoring both ways. He made a great pass to spring Crabb for his breakaway goal. He failed to get the puck out when he had the chance and the Rangers then scored after he fumbled around with a loss puck near Hedberg.