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Islander Game

I'm rather busy with my day job at the moment and my enthusiasm for all things Thrashers is low, so I'll keep this short and sweet.

Positives: Nice win over the Islanders on Saturday. Good intensity, clutch shooting, Crabb playing well. Kovalchuk played like a superstar: he was more efficient with few turnovers, he scored three points AND did the post-game interview! We need this Kovy more often. Hedberg with a couple of high way robbery saves. Exelby with a nice offensive play to set up Little's goal.

Negatives: The Islanders are a pretty bad team. That's one good game out of three on the road trip--I'm going to hold off on any celebrations until I see them string together multiple strong efforts in a row.

Special teams were not-so-special. The PP looked disorganized and the PK allowed yet another goal against. Scary Fact: Number of Games in Which the Thrashers PK unit was perfect (no PPGA):
  • October: 1 game
  • November: 3 games
  • December: 0 games

That's right just 4 games out of 26 games has the PK unit keep the opposition from scoring with the extra man.

Going back to November the Thrashers have allowed 18 Power Play Goals Against in just 16 Games Played.