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Esposito Makes Team Canada for WJC

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Angelo Esposito made the cut for Team Canade after coming up short on three previous attempts. Other Thrashers in the tournament include Lasu who will play for Team Sweden and Lucenius was invited to Team Finland's camp.

The Thrashers seem very likely to have a top three pick. You can scout the top guys yourself as Tavares will play for Canada and Hedman will play for Sweden. Here is a list of Kyle Woodlief's Top 10 for the 2008 Draft. The Thrashers pick is likely to be one of the guys on this list.

D Victor Hedman
C John Tavares
D Jared Cowen
D Matt Duchesne
C Braydon Schenn
RW Magnus Pjrvi-Svensson
C Evander Kane
D Oliver Ekman-Larsson
LW Jeremy Morin
C Nazem Kadri