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Thrashers Attack the Net Vs Caps

J.P. has a good post about last night's game versus Washington. If you click over you can see the shot chart of Atlanta's shots on goal last night. Notice how all 7 goals are below and between the two offensives faceoff dots. That's where the high percentage chances come from.

The Thrashers did a very good job of attacking the opposition net last night. Now if you want to see the location of the 40+ shots the Thrashers allowed you can click here to see the full thing on In the defensive zone Atlanta allowed far too many close in shots. the ones that are high in the zone are less dangerous--on average. Two of the four goals were point blank locations the other two were from out high.

The other thing I completely forgot to mention is the play that was probably the most crucial moment of the entire contest (quite an oversight on my part). With the game tied 4-4 Lehtonen makes a save but the puck ends up in the blue paint in the goalie crease and Enstrom falls on the loose puck and probably saves a goal against. This creates a penalty shot opportunity and Lehtonen blanks Alex Ovechkin to preserve the tie. I find it interesting that many Caps fans think that Semin should have been given the PS not Ovechkin. Apparently their Ovy is much like our own Kovy--each of them are more dangerous in the flow of play than in the penalty shot type of situations.

EDIT: So how was the ice time spread among the defensemen?

Basically the top four defense all got the same total ice time. Bogosian

Total TOI/name/ES TOI
23:53 Hainsey 14:27
22:37 Havelid 15:27
22:18 Schneider 13:42
21:46 Enstrom 12:48
17:55 Exelby 13:10
12:58 Bogosian 12:08