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Pre-Season Detroit Game

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Only a few hours until I head down to Philips to see my first hockey game in that building in quite some time.

Is it possible to have an "important" pre-season game? If so, I think this one is. The franchise needs to generate some enthusiasm among the fan base and the two road losses at STL and DET where a bit ugly. In one contest they gave up 9 goals in the other game they generated few SOG.

You don't win any points in pre-season but you can sell tickets with a solid showing. Here are some things I'll be looking for:

  • Does the team appears to be on the same page using Anderson's multiple systems?
  • Can they generate offense with a lineup that is close to their opening night roster?
  • Can the re-vamped defense prevent high quality scoring chances in the slot area?
  • Will the new 3rd line show more offensive punch then last year's checking line?