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Pre-Season Composite Corsi Boxscore

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I'm rather discouraged after yet another pre-season loss and I'll hold off commenting just now lest I write something rash and ill considered. Instead I come to praise Tobias Enstrom who has been far and away the best Thrasher defensemen so far in the pre-season. In the last three games the Thrashers have dressed a line up consisting of mostly NHL veterans. So I put together the Corsi (shots attempted, for and against) for all the defensemen for the last three games.

Get a load of this list. If a player has a plus number that means the Thrashers fired more shots than the opposition fired while he was on the ice at even strength. Enstrom not only leads the list, the players ranked #2 and #3 on the list each played just one game and they were paired with Tobias. If you look at just the D who played all three home games Enstrom is +22 and the next best defender is Havelid at -10 and then Hainsey at -12. In all three home pre-season games the Thrashers outshot the opposition when Enstrom was on the ice--the little guy makes good things happen for this team shift after shift--very impressive.

Net Team Shots Attempted at while the player was on the ice at ES.
+22 Enstrom (played all 3 preseason games)
+17 Valabik (1 game played, paired with Enstrom)
+00 Oystrick (1 game played, paired with Enstrom)
-09 Schneider (1 GP)
-10 Havelid (3 GP, 1 game paried with Enstrom)
-12 Hainsey (3 GP)
-12 Kulda (1 GP)
-13 Exelby (2 GP)
-14 Bogosian (3 GP)

As for the forwards, I was more than a little surprised to see which player has the best Corsi differential after three home games. None other than Todd White. When he's been on the ice the team is +7 and +6 in net shots attempted in the two games he dressed. Here is the full list for forwards

Net Team Shots Attempted at while the player was on the ice at ES.

+13 White
+8 Kovalchuk
+5 Perrin
+4 Slater
+3 Hoffman
+2 Crabb
+2 Sterling
+0 Stuart
-2 Thorburn
-2 Williams
-13 Reasoner
-14 Little
-16 Armstrong
-16 Christensen
-17 Kozlov

Slater has been working extremely hard this pre-season. He still can't finish, but he's generating shot attempts with his speed. Kovalchuk has been generating offensive pressure but hasn't scored yet.

At the other end of spectrum Kozlov and Christen were absolutely destroyed last night against St. Louis with Corsi numbers of -15 and -16 respectively. Armstrong and Little posted negative Corsi numbers in all three home games. The numbers for Reasoner are also really ugly so far, if you include the last road game plus his two home games he is -27...ouch.

And goalies? Well let's just say nobody can stop the puck with any consistency right now. The only game without a glaring goaltender error is also the only win in the pre-season against Nashville on the road. Pavelec was solid in that one. None of the netminders has looked ready so far and the puck drops on Friday night. Yikes.