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Pavelec Refuses to Report

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According to Craig Custance, Ondrej Pavelec will not report to the AHL. I like Pavelec a lot and think he is ready for the NHL but he is out of line with this move. Another season in the AHL isn't going to hurt him, he could still afford to work on some things in the minors.

It is hard to see ending well. Pavelec's agent has gone way on a limb making all these statements about how the organization was not honest with his player. Once a position like that is taken it is hard to walk your way back--assuming the two parties want to get back together. The inflammatory language suggests to me that Pavelec's agent has no interest in reaching some sort of compromise and that he wants to see Pavelec somewhere else.

The timing is poor in several respects. Pavelec did not play well last night by his own account (maybe he knew this was coming?). There is also not much of a market for a starting position in the NHL as the Chicago Blackhawks have discovered while trying to peddle Khabibulin. Now there is interest in Pavelec from other teams, but nobody other than perhaps LA Kings is going to hand him a NHL job.

How will this turn out? The last time we had drama like this was when Buzek refused to dress. The team suspended him and then traded him away. Frankly, Buzek was much less valuable than Pavelec, but it is hard to see how this will turn out much differently.

I called for the organization to keep Pavelec as one of their two goalies, but it is not going to happen this way. They are not going to back down now that they have been threatened.