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A Little Perspective People

A few folks on the message boards are crying that the sky is falling after two regulation losses. I'm certainly disappointed in the outcome of the Boston game.

But if you take a hard look at the schedule so far so far, you will see that the Thrashers have had a run of fairly good opponents. I'll use the Vegas season over/under point projections for each team. Let's see how the Thrashers stack up to the opposition.

Washington 93.5, Atlanta 79.5
Florida 82.5, Atlanta 79.5
Minnesota 92.5, Atlanta 79.5
NJ Devils 97.5, Atlanta 79.5
Buffalo 91.5, Atlanta 79.5
Tampa Bay 91.5, Atlanta 79.5
Detroit 109.5, Atlanta 79.5
Boston 91.5, Atlanta 79.5

Now you can quibble with the Vegas projections (I see the Thrashers as more of high to mid 80 point team myself) but in none of these contests was Atlanta a strong favorite. The Thrashers have played well against some good teams and probably deserved to walk away with a couple more points than they have right now.