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Breakdown of Nashville Pre-Season Game

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I didn't attend this game in person. My hockey team the "Dodgers" had a Friday night contest (we lost, thanks for asking) and I could have only watched one period. So today I will have to rely on pure stats. Based on the game story Pavelec was pretty hard on himself saying he should have stopped three goals that he allowed. Since I didn't see the game I can't really comment on that.

A lot of Thrashers were in the negative on your basic plus/minus statistic. If Pavelec really did have a poor night, then the plus/minus might NOT be a very reliable way to determine who played well or poorly. So let's take a look at the two measures of pressure and territorial play I introduced in my last post.

Corsi Numbers (Thrasher Shots Attempted minus Nashville Shots Attempted)

+12 Hedberg
+5 Pavelec
The Thrashers had the edge in shots generated when both goalies were in net.

+2 Hainsey
+2 Havelid

-1 Exelby
-1 Bogosian

+14 Valabik
+17 Enstrom

Wow. When the Enstrom-Valabik pair were out there the Thrashers dominated in the shots created battle. The Hainsey-Havelid were slightly plus and the Exelby-Bogosian slightly negative.

+10 Kovalchuk
+7 White
+7 Thorburn
The top line was pretty dominate in terms of creating more shots. Last game they were matched against Zetterberg line and finished a slight negative, not this game where they piled up chances by the looks of it.

-2 Kozlov
-1 Little
-1 Armstrong
2nd was basically even.

+6 Sterling
+4 Perrin
+2 Crabb
3rd line on the plus side, Sterling with a nice number there.

+9 Stuart
+8 Slater
+3 Hoffman
4th line put up some big numbers.
Since I didn't watch the game I'm not sure how much line switching was taking place. Based on some of these numbers it appears that either lines were being mixed up or there was a lot of 4 on 4 hockey.

Now for the 2nd measure: Which end of the ice did each line/paring play in. Below a look at the net number of shifts where a line had a stoppage in the opponent's end versus the number of shifts where the stoppage occurred in their own end.

+2 Hedberg
+5 Pavelec

+4 Hainsey
+5 Havelid

-3 Exelby
-2 Bogosian

+4 Valabik
+6 Enstrom
The top two pairings did both finished with positive numbers. The Exelby-Bogosian pairing finished negative. (I wonder if Exelby has had a positive game so far this pre-season?)

+4 Kovalchuk
+3 White
+3 Thorburn

-1 Kozlov
-2 Little
-1 Armstrong

+2 Sterling
+3 Perrin
+2 Crabb

+3 Stuart
+3 Slater
+2 Hoffman
In term of territory all the lines did quite well except the Little line.