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Will Derek Meech Become a Thrasher?

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The Thrashers are lacking in depth at defense right now. A single injury on the blueline would result in Nathan Oystrick or Grant Lewis getting a call up. Both are prospects with no NHL experience so far. Last year the team carried Kwiatkowski as their insurance policy in the case of long term injury on the blueline.

I was already thinking the Thrashers might be in the market to pick up depth defensemen and then Kevin Allen writes that the Thrashers "hope to land another defensemen, possibly even unrestricted free agent Marek Malik, although they are considering other options."

Now this might seem like idle speculation, but past history indicates that Kevin Allen and Don Waddell are on good terms and speak frequently, so I'm thinking he got this straight from the GM himself. Allen goes on to highlight players expected to be moved during NHL training camp: Ducks D Mathieu Schneider and Sharks D Kyle McLaren and also includes center Robert Lang.

I'd like to toss out another name that does not appear in Allen's article, Red Wings D Derek Meech. The Wings have re-signed Chelios which now gives them 8 NHL defensemen who must clear waivers. Now it is likely they will carry 7 out of camp, and there is some chatter that Meech might be dealt to get them down to that number.

Will the Thrashers make that deal? Personally I'd rather see them go after a youngish defensemen like Meech and see if he flourishes with more ice time in Atlanta than Malik who is getting up there. According to Ranger fans, Malik's play slipped badly last season, although a number of stats still show him as being effective.