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Schneider, Nashville, Odds and Ends

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I'm back home for a day of work and then it is off to Nashville on Thursday for my 3rd game in four days in that city. For anyone making the trip for the pre-season game I would point out that there are several good places to eat right around the Sommet Center. Personally, I like the no frills Demos Steakhouse where you get a great tasting state for a very reasonable price. The brew pub at the end of the street has quality food. There are two BBQ joints adjacent to the arena and a solid Irish Pub about 4 blocks away as well.

Kevin Allen has some speculation about Schneider and Bobby Ryan heading to Atlanta in a salary deal that would see Ken Klee heading to Anaheim. I'd do that deal in a heartbeat. Schneider is likely just a one year addition who could then be traded at the deadline for more assets while Ryan is a decent prospect with size on the right wing (Thrashers seem to have more LW than any other franchise these days). But my guess is that the Atlanta would have to send Anaheim more than just Ken Klee. Still adding Ryan and Schneider and would dramatically improve the depth and quality of this team and make it more likely they could sneak into the playoffs.