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Nashville Rookie Game 2 Live Blog

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Greetings everyone, we're back live from up high at the Sommet Center in downtown Nashville. I will try and supply a little hockey entertainment during your workday.

Warmups have concluded and the arena staff replaced the glass that broke behind the Predators defend end. Referees are circling below in advance of the players.

Nashville is doing a big promotion today to sell tickets and generate excitement for the team. One year ago things looked grim for the team as it seemed likely to be sold and moved. There was a large rally to sell tickets and the team appears to have a more stable future even some problems regarding one of their owners. The Predators goal is to sell 17,000 tickets today.

Players are now taking the ice.
Your ATL starters:

Opening scoring chance goes to NAS, Lewis can't reach puck in his feet and Predators get it loose for an outside slapper.

ATL Shorthanded.
Painchaud SH SOG then another by a Thrashers.

Looks like we have an arena announcer today unlike last night--although they have yet to announced the penalties.

Lewis knocks Carrozzi rebound out of the air to stuff out NAS pressure around the net.

NAS gets in behind Marchesi but Predator can't handle the puck cleanly.

Another penalty on ATL, Esposito who was banged hard in the corner-maybe he retaliated--didn't see it.

Predator PP goal from behind the net or at least below the goal line. There was a SOG from the point, deflects slightly off the ATL goalie hits the back board hard and comes right to an open Predator at the side of the net for a fairly easy score.

1-0 NAS

Denny with a big hit that takes out both him and the NAS guy.

Paquette bulldozes his way to the net and tries to curl the puck into the far corner and just misses.

Atlanta defender gets beat and takes a dumb holding call after the player misses the net. Shorthanded for the 3rd time in the 1st.

Lewis losses his stick while SH. 5 on 3.5 Siddall gives Lewis his stick. Siddall clears the zone.
Denny with a nice stop, not a huge hit but effective.

About 2 dozen school kids are screaming "Predators" during a stoppage in play.

Siddall in perfect position in front of the net but pass from behind the goal slightly off line.

Lewis showing his skating and puck skills dipsy-does into the offensive zone. Thrashers work it around the perimeter and Kulda fires a SOG

ATL GOAL pass from behind the net (Esposito I think) to Holzapfel at the left doorstep high glove side shot.

1-1 with just under 2 left in the 1st.

ATL on PK again. Anderson in the box.
Carrozzi fighting the puck on a save but makes the save.

Thrashers bust out of their zone and Kaip gets a SH partial breakaway--save.

Another ATL SH SOG off the faceoff-save

PK looking good, Lewis defects SOG and Riley blocks another and clears the zone.

Period ends 1-1

School children chants collapse into a muddle that I think is "let's go Predators" but it is hard to tell. Looks like about 3 buses worth of kids arrived during the period which I didn't notice while watching the game. Probably more school kids here now than adults. The Zamboni arrives much to the delight of the kids. Everyone love the Zamboni.

Intermission: I talked to David Poile (Preadators GM) before the game about the stability of the franchise. He indicated things were much better than a year ago, though some problems remain obviously. I mentioned that he regularly finishes at the top of the NHL in terms of getting the best "bang for the buck" with their payroll. He said they work hard to put a competitive team on the ice within their budget. I'm sure he doesn't remember it, but I spoke with him many years ago back when he was GM of Washington Capitals. Gordie Howe was in town signing autographs and David Poile was there and I think Brian Burke too (back then he was the NHL disciplinarian)

Nothing beats hearing 500 school children chanting along to "Who Let the Dogs Out?"

2nd period on.

Pospisil drives up the middle of NAS zone fires puck, Esposito gets rebound and fires but blocked by NAS player. Esposito, Pospisil Paquette line with good pressure.

Postma makes a BAD turnover right at his own blueline and NAS turns into a partial breakaway and and GOAL.

2-1 NAS.

Painchaud drives through the NAS crease but can't get it past the well positioned goalie.

Carrozzi with a save and a bit of luck, then immediately after there is a full on scrum and two players hugging but no genuine fighting. Marchesi in the box for ATL.

Painchaud with a partial breakaway, save but Chad takes out the net. Another scrum ensues. Tempers are really starting to flair now.

Sticks and elbows are getting raised. Guarantee there will be a fight soon if it keeps going this way. big hit along the glass in front of the school kids--which earned a big "oooh"

Carrozzi with a quality save off a scrambly NAS chance.

Lewis bails out Thrashers after funny bounce turnover.

Thrashers had a nice opportunity where Esposito skated hard to the net without the puck and got a laser pass but it was too hot for him to handle.

Matt Anderson with another "never stops moving his feet" type shift. This guy will be a nice addition to the Wolves this season.

Paquette with a slapper from the blueline goes sky high into the stands.

Kulda with a big hit, some thought it borderline dirty.

Siddall attempts to redirect Lewis point shot but tip it wide.

ATL Goal SH Painchaud. Tie Game 2-2

Carrozzi with a quality save from right face off dot.


ATL almost lost offensive possession a couple of times but scrambled and kept the play alive. Holzapfel makes a nice cross zone pass for a SOG from the left side--save.

The Anderson-Stoesz-Paquette line with some solid pressure.

Another ATL PP
Painchaud just cleared it out of the NAS zone, ouch.
ATL just got away with an offside.

6 minutes and change to go in the game.

Observation: Esposito has shown me a lot more in these two NAS games than he did in the Traverse City tournament. He's still not NHL ready but I'm seeing fewer turnovers and bad plays out of him and more of his speed and skill be used for positive effect.

ATL SH Stoesz to the box.

Good defensive work by Esposito on the PK, he eliminated his man's stick to prevent a back door slam dunk opportunity.

Matt Anderson with SH breakaway--save. He tried to deke.

Observation ATL's PK unit is generating a lot of SH chances. You know what I like most about that? Most of the guys in this game are likely to end up as checkers rather than scorers so we need some quality PK guys coming up from the farm system.

Anderson with a shot in the high slot. (for all his fans that keep googling "Matt Anderson" he's having another good game).

Clock winding down on another 2-2 tie. Expecting a shootout next.

LOL, today we are going to play a 4 on 4 OT.

Esposito beats his defensemen and rings backhand shot off far post. Very close to winning the game.

NAS takes a penalty in OT!
Timeout NAS, there are 3 minutes left in the OT and the Thrashers look to have the man advantage for 2/3 of that.

Espo shot on goal. PP unit is Kulda, Lewis, Espo and Pospisil.
Nas gets a clear.

Wild scramble around the net!. Thrashers are able to feed it out front to Lewis but NAS goalie gets a glove on it. Very close to scoring again.

Denny with two slapper and two saves. PP expires. One minute left in OT.

Lehman hurt. He made a nice play in the neutral zone then was double teamed. I didn't see if he was slashed or maybe hit with a high stick. He's still down on the ice being attended to, getting up now. Used both legs so perhaps a blow to the head.

Shootout necessary
NAS #1 shot score. low stick side
ATL #1 Painchaud missed the net
NAS #2 save, five hold attempt I think
ATL #2 Esposito missed the net
NAS #3 score top stick side

Game over, NAS wins.

Edit: found out after the game they were asked not to fight because the school kids were there, which explains why there no fisticuffs when things got hot in the 2nd period.