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Nashville Prospects Game 1 Live Blog

I'm up and running here in Nashville. The first period has just ended with a score of 0-0.

After a fast drive up from Atlanta after work, we arrived just as the game began. By the time we made our way through security and up to the press box I missed the first half of the 1st period (just 15 minutes for the prospects game).

It seemed to me that both teams youngsters were in a feeling out mode and were reluctant to risk big mistakes. Not a lot of scoring chances either way, although I would say the Thrasher had a slight edge with a late flurry of good puck possession in the NAS zone and decent shots on goal.

The line of Mahachek-Esposito and Pospisil had some great pressure with Grant Lewis and Arturs Kulda manning the points.

I have to say I rarely pay attention to invitees but Matt Anderson is going full out in this tilt playing with great energy and making some terrific hustle plays.

Line comobs so far:

2nd period is underway.

So far Esposito looks better to me than he did in T.C. making fewer turnovers adn he continues to try and help out on defense covering for a D man who pinched up in the play.

Kaip had a good shift bulldozing his the NAS net and then screening on a point shot.

Kulda with a gutsy hold at the blueline even though he knew he was going to take a hit--and he remained standing after the hit.

Predators getting much better chances this period than in the 1st


Paquette I think, just one replay on the scoreboard--typical of when the visitor puts one in the basket.

Nashville goal 1-1

Lewis hit his man behind the net but the guy made a pass to wide open man in the hash marks. Kulda slids into the picture too late.

Little offensive flow for ATL but Lehman can't handle the pass cleanly from Esposito.

Posta with a shift to forget. Almost gets beat at the blueline but recovers. Gets puck along endboards and makes a pass that looks like shot duck--and then gets hammered into the boards just after releasing the puck--but draws a power play.


Turple makes a SH save. The score is only 1-1 but Turple looks really shaky to me. No style points on any of his saves.

Observation: crowd is smaller than your typical Gladiator game.

ATL not getting much going on the PP so far.
Now they move the puck around well and Lehman gets a slapper from the right face off dot-saved.

Paquette gives someone a facewash along the wall-I was hoping a fight would break out.

Postma turnover leads to a scoring chance for NAS.


Esposito is on the right hand goal line makes a backhand pass into the slot where a wide open Painchaud buries it.

End of 2nd 2-1 Atlanta
Much more interesting period. More scoring chances, more mistakes and more plays.

On the replay of the NAS goal I'm going to say it was Lewis fault actually. Grant Lewis was going to pass it behind the net to Kulda who was dropping back for the pass. A Predator jumped in between stole the puck a d made a pass out front. Kulda was not there because he was expecting the Dto D pass from Lewis.

The replay of the Paquette goal shows he ripped a hard shot from close in and the goalie got a piece of it but it angled down and just caught the lower left corner of the net.

3rd period underway.

This game is sort of weird feeling. They are not announcing the goals and assists.
They didn't announce the penalty and they are not bothering to post the SOG on the scoreboard. All we have is video and the game score up there.

3>3 for Nashville Lewis takes his man and Esposito pulls a Kovalchuk in the neighborhood defense where he is around his guy but not really eliminating him. The Predator gets a wide open chance just 6 feet from the ATL goalie.

Lehman almost stumbles while skating backwards with a Predator bearing down on him.
ATL PK Siddal in the box I think.

SH chance for ATL. Painchaud makes cross ice pass to open Kaip who puts a hard shot on goal.

Kulda dump in nails NAS player up around the ear area, seems to be OK.

re: Postma. He has some raw skating talent and decent size but makes a lot of mental errors for a defensemen. He is still young and could iron out some of those rough spots, but he really needs to work on playing shut down defense in juniors this year.

2-2 Predators score.
Predator splits right between Postma and Marchesi and gets a nice pass--breakaway score on a backhand roof shot. Really ugly goal for both defensemen.

Only a few minutes left in a tie game. I'll have to pack up the laptop soon for the post-game stuff.

Turple makes a fantastic desperation glove save after NSH gets two quick shots on goal to preseve tie.

ATL PIM 1:36 remaining

Machacek with big clear.

NAS just hit the post. DING! denied.

2-2 End of 3rd.

They just put up 5 minutes up so it looks like OT and probably a SO if we got that far.

woops, going straight to shootout.
NAS guy fails to even hit the net.
Save on Esposito.
NAS #2 stick save.
ATL #2 Machacek--hits goalie in the logo.
NAS #3 razzle dazzle off to the left Turple is down but guy can't elevate over big leg pad
ATL #3 Paquette Miss
NAS #4 miss
ATL #4 Painchaud scores