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Panthers Raise Ticket Prices and Fans Approve

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I saw this story on the Craig Custance news roundup. A story in the Palm Beach Post indicates that the Panthers will add a surcharge to certain popular opponents such as the Red Wings--however, if you're a season ticket holder there is no extra cost. Now that's a way to add value to your ticket packages.

"The only feedback I've heard so far on the premium games has come from the season seat-holders, and they've said, 'Thank you, thank you, thank you,' " Yormark said. "They've felt it's really enhanced the value of being a season seat-holder."
That has been a major point of irritation for this particular season ticket holder over the last five years. Every year I bought seats ahead of time only to see great single game specials appear regularly during the season. Last season it got out of completely out of control with discounts for lower bowl seats and weekend games completely devaluing the STH package. The Thrashers have already said they're going to have some 2 for 1 deals on weeknights. I look forward to using those this coming season, that and not having to pay for games I'll miss over the Christmas holidays. What's that old sports cliche? Oh yeah, we're going to take this season "one game at a time."