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Lehtonen's Next Contract

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M-A Fleury a RFA young goalie just signed for 7 years at $5 per season. Both Cam Ward and M-A Fleury are comparables to Lehtonen (minus the run to the Stanley Cup Finals for both of those two). Fleury is making $5 million and Ward about $3 million.

I'm sure Lehtonen's agent will use this in his memo to Don Waddell. Personally I don't think Lehtonen is worth close to $5 million since he has been injured for significant portions of two out of three seasons. His injury in 2005-06 was a major factor in making that team miss the playoffs and it cost the Thrashers millions of dollars in post-season ticket revenue not to mention fan excitement.

If you could put some sort of games played clause in the contract I might be willing to pay him more but the CBA strictly limits bonus clauses after Joe Thornton's agent got very creative a few years ago.

If contract talks drag out we could see Pavelec and Hedberg on Opening Night in Blueland.