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Thrashers Draft Review

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#3 Overall Zach Bogosian D OHL
Home run. I expect him in the opening night lineup as he is already in NHL condition and we need defensemen badly. Very skilled but also mean--potentially a smaller version of Chris Pronger. The Thrashers strongest decision the entire draft was simply hanging on to this pick and not trading down--if he lives up to his hype he will be a NHL player for 15 years. Lists Europe "Final Countdown" as his Pump-Up Song so he should enjoy Overtime at Philips Arena.

#29 Daultan Leveille C GHL
I have several reservations regarding this pick. #1 I've been a hockey fan for over 20 years and I've never heard of the Golden Horseshoe League. In principle I'm against using 1st round picks on guys from really obscure leagues or US High Schools because the level of competition is so weak they simply haven't been pushed that hard. He scored 2 points per game in the playoffs--in the WHL or OHL that would mean something, but what exactly does it mean in the GHL?

He is also expected to play a full 4 years at MSU. In this draft year we could have found someone closer to NHL ready with the #29 pick. Finally, I think the Thrashers missed a chance to trade down--this guy probably would have been there in the middle 2nd round. The best thing I can say about this pick is that in the long run super fast guys are more likely to make the NHL as a speedy checkers if they lack NHL quality hands. Worst case scenario you wind up with a Sean Donovan with an upside of becoming something more than that.

#64 Danick Paquette RW QMJHL
29 Goals suggests he has some hands and the 213 PIM says he likes to mix things up. Not many assists so I hope he can pass. Lists as his favorite TV show "Lance et compte" I guess you need to live in Quebec to watch it. Compares himself to Todd Bertuzzi and Chris Neil, the latter player is probably gives you a sense for his style if he makes the NHL. Already at 210 lbs. The Thrashes have yet to have a player from the Q reach the NHL and become a regular so far.

#94 Vinny Saponari RW USNDT
The US National Development Team has increasingly become a hot bed for accelerating the growth of talented Americans. Last year the Americans had a banner year at the draft. I think it was smart for the Thrasher to draft this local product, but I also think they could have waited a round to do so. I would rather have seen them take a chance on Jamie Arniel who some projected as a 2nd rounder and was still available at this point in the draft. A missed opportunity in my opinion.

#124 Nicklas Lasu LW
He tore it up Swedish junior leage with 53 points in 41 games played and finished a strong +33. The Thrashers have done very well over the years with European picks and this one also appears to have some solid potential. He was called up and played 2 games in the national league level.

#154 Chris Carrozzi G
Slid some on Central Scouting Ranking. A big guy at 6'3"and his SV% took a big jmp up from .896 to .911 from the year prior. The NHL website asked every player their "Goal Celebration" and Carrozzi listed "The Kayaker" which is pretty funny since most goalies don't score.

#184 Zach Redmond D
Overager (20) who played two seasons in the USHL before moving to Ferris State as a freshmen this year. He put up 19 points in 37 games which is a nice total, but he's already 20 which makes those numbers far less impressive than if he put up those numbers at age 18.